Resource: Who Gets PAC Money ... and How Much?

Where the Money Goes, using politicians' biographical information from Sunlight Labs and data about PACs and their campaign contributions from, makes it easier to visualize the contributions that political action committees make to your members of Congress and to each other. You can also view contributions received by a congressmember directly and by that member's PAC, making it clear exactly how much each legislator costs. The application allows you to see how the process works, such as how the Freedom Fund PAC receives donations from hundreds of lesser PACs and passes the swag along only to Republican candidates. You can choose either a PAC from an economic sector, to see where the money goes -- which politicians receive money from that PAC in each election cycle 1998-2008, or a legislator from any state, to see how much money he/she gets in each election cycle 1998-2008 and from whom, at Where the Money Goes.

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