AfPak: Democrats to Obama - Get Out of Afghanistan

"We need progressives in every state Democratic Party to pass a similar resolution calling for an end to the U.S. occupation and air war in Afghanistan. Bring the veterans to the table, bring our young into the room, and demand an end to this occupation that only destabilizes the region. There is no military solution, only a diplomatic one that requires we cease our role as occupiers if we want our voices to be heard. Yes, this is about Afghanistan -- but it's also about our role in the world at large. Do we want to be global occupiers seizing scarce resources or global partners in shared prosperity? I would argue a partnership is not only the humane choice, but also the choice that grants us the greatest security." -- Activist Marcy Winograd, on the adoption by the executive board of the California Democratic Party of a resolution to "End the U.S. Occupation and Air War in Afghanistan" (Winograd is mounting a primary challenge against Rep. Jane Harman, a supporter of the war).

The rest of the story: Democrats to Obama: Get Out of Afghanistan by John Nichols (The Nation 2009-11-16)

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