Clip File: Obama administration expanding military involvement in Latin America

Do we really need to occupy Columbia?

Under a 10-year deal, U.S. military forces will be deployed to seven military bases in Columbia and will have access to Columbia's major international civilian airports, and U.S. personnel and -- and, if Iraq and and Afghanistan experience is any indication, in a recipe for disaster: defense contractors will enjoy diplomatic immunity. Whether the justification is the furthering of our failed War on Drugs or to intervene in the civil war between Columbia's right-wing government and left-wing rebel groups, is the expansion of American military reach what Americans had in mind when they voted for change in 2008?

The rest of the story: New row over Colombia-US accord (BBC News 2009-12-05)

See, also: US-Colombia base deal 'this week' (BBC News 2009-10-27)

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