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People-centric movement fuels Alan Khazei’s campaign: Candidate relies on grass-roots politics

A U.S. Senate candidacy in Massachusetts offers voters who want real change an opportunity to cast a vote that will actually make a difference.
Alan Khazei makes no secret of his underdog status among the Democrats now running for Senate, pointing out that he lacks the name recognition of Attorney General Martha Coakley, the congressional base of US Representative Michael E. Capuano, and the advertising budget of Celtics co-owner Stephen G. Pagliuca.

What the City Year cofounder has instead is experience building a movement,Massachusetts candidate for U.S.Senate Alan Khazei a few people at a time, and it is the basis for his campaign strategy. For reasons of necessity and personal style, Khazei is pinning everything on a word-of-mouth, door-to-door, people-powered approach, a tactic proven in long campaigns but virtually unheard of in a special-election sprint....

"What I’m relying on is good, old-fashioned, grass-roots politics," he said. "If we get 1,000 people, we will fundamentally change the dynamic of this election."
Khazei is unequivocally against expanding the war in Afghanistan, by the way.

The rest of the story: People-centric movement fuels Khazei’s campaign by Eric Moskowitz ( 2009-11-24)

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