Resource: Filibusted takes aim at GOP obstructionism in the Senate

Part of the reason that Republicans can get away with their destructive and antidemocratic reliance on the filibuster to interrupt the functioning of the legislative branch, aside from the reluctance of the Democrats to fight back unless Filibusted takes aim at GOP obstructionismthey are certain they have 60 safe votes, is that so much Senate business happens in the dark. Filibusted aims to change that by using data from from GovTrack and Sunlight Labs to shine a light on legislative piracy as it happens. Most news stories about Congress don’t mention filibusters or cloture votes, but if you follow @filibusted on Twitter, you'll find out about them as they happen. No more will the Jim DeMints, Jim Bunnings, Tom Coburns, Jim Inhofes and their reactionary allies be able to cripple the legislature behind the people's back. Go to Filibusted.

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