Clip File: Spokane Considers Community Bill of Rights

"Of all the candidates, bills, and proposals on ballots around the country yesterday, one of the most exciting is a proposition that didn’t pass.

"In Spokane, Washington, despite intense opposition from business interests, a coalition of residents succeeded in bringing an innovative 'Community Bill of Rights' to the ballot. Proposition 4 would have amended the city’s Home Rule Charter (akin to a local constitution) to recognize nine basic rights, ranging from the right of the environment to exist and flourish to the rights of residents to have a locally based economy and to determine the future of their neighborhoods."

The rest of the story: Spokane Considers Community Bill of Rights by Mari Margil (Yes! Magazine 2009-11-04)

See, also: Communities Take Power - The Citizens of Barnstead, New Hampshire, Used Local Law to Keep Corporate Giants Out of Their Water by Doug Pibel (Yes! Magazine 2007-07-29)

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