Empire: Next stop - Yemen

Oil, you say?

Off we go on another excellent imperial adventure. The Pentagon says it notified Congress that it plans to spend $155 million on 4 Huey helicopters, upgrades to 10 Russian-made Mi-17 medium transport helicopters, and 50 Hummers (suitably armored? doesn't say), Black gold?as well as night vision goggles and transport aircraft for the Yemen Army to fight al-Qaeda.  If there are fewer than 100 al-Qaeda militants in anarchic, kleptocratic Afghanistan, one wonders how many can conceal themselves in relatively orderly, republican Yemen (unlike Afghanistan, for example, Yemen actually has an army to equip).

A tip of the hat, btw, to Defense Industry Daily for keeping us up to date on the activities of our busy soldiers, whether they're hither or yon.

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