Clip File: Can Bloomberg Run as an Independent in 2012?

This is a long shot, but "[l]ooking to 2012, with no real standout on the right, while Pres. Obama continues to struggle and the economy dipping again, there is a growing vacuum in the political dialogue for an Independent candidate to rise up. Of course, we’re talking about Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a potentially dangerous opponent for both big two parties, because not only will Bloomberg have many business and Wall Street allies on his side, but he’ll take his share of the Jewish vote as well. Howard Wolfson made an appearance on 'Morning Joe' Friday, acquitting himself very well as deputy mayor and someone who would be an able asset to Bloomberg if he does jump in. After his leadership on the Cordoba House, New York’s mayor also likely made some Muslim friends in Michigan."

The rest of the story: 2012: Room for growing as an Independent by Taylor Marsh (Taylor Marsh from Washington D.C. 2010-08-22).

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