Action: Senate Candidates Worth Fighting For

The Blue America Senate endorsement page on Act Blue is The Democratic wing of the Democratic Partytrying to help six progressive challengers in winnable contests against reactionary Republican obstructionists. These contests will go a very long way in determining whether the U.S. Senate will be more progressive or more conservative next year.

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See, also: Roxanne Conlin (IA); Jack Conway (KY); Paul Hodes (NH); Elaine Marshall (NC); Scott McAdams (AK); Joe Sestak (PA).

Among Blue America PAC pages you will find actions dedicated to other specific endeavors, such as defeating Blue Dogs, rewarding members of Congress who have been fighting for meaningful health care or for ending the disastrous occupation of Afghanistan. There is even a page dedicated specifically to giving props to progressive hero Alan Grayson and one to send a message to the inside-the-beltway establishment by supporting the people's Democrats, i.e., the non-corporate kind.

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