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A Military History of War and Conflict Across the Globe 3000 B.C. to A.D. 2008: This timeline offers the user the ability to see what major conflicts were going on around the world in any given year or time period. Of the thousands of conflicts that man has been engaged in over the past 5,000+ years of recorded history, the site includes not only the major struggles but a sobering number of minor ones. This is an ongoing project which will take a great deal of time to finish but, in the meanwhile, it still does present some very interesting information. Most of the listings are color coded according to the continent or continents on which the conflict occurred. The primary source of information is George C. Kohn's Dictionary of Wars Please note that most of the dates for events that occurred prior to about 400 B.C. are only approximate; the relative dearth of historical data for many of these events does not allow for exact dating.

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I'll be putting this timeline on shortly. Thanks for the mention.

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