Don't be fooled by false deficit prophets:
Many policies that sound impressive when a politician promotes them don't actually save much money. Cutting foreign aid in half, for instance, will save $210 billion by 2022. That would get us 3 percent of the way there. Cutting earmarks in half is even less effective: It would save $130 billion by 2022. -- Choose your own deficit by Ezra Klein (Ezra Klein's Wonkbook/Washington Post 2010-06-27).
Cut military spending -- $1,449 billion last year! -- cut that in half and it begins to add up to real money....

More Klein: "'Debt' isn't a buzzword, it's a math problem. And it's instructive to try to solve it. The 'Stabilize the Debt' game allows you to cut, tax and spend your way to a better budget outlook. So go ahead. Choose your own deficit."

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