Saturday Catchup: Stuff you might have missed

Politics: Guilty of Sedition? How the Right Is Undermining Our Government's Authority and Capability to Run the Country by Sara Robinson (Campaign for America's Future/AlterNet) | For more than 40 years, the Right has systematically sought to delegitimize the United States government. It is time to make them stop.

Public Policy: Wealth for the Common Good is a sensible, factual report -- by a network of business leaders, wealthy individuals and partners supporting public policies that promote shared prosperity and fair taxation -- that shows how tax policy over the last half century has favored the wealthiest Americans at the expense of a strong and secure middle class. Read the report. Sign a petition to end tax breaks for households with incomes over $235,000.

Security State: Abu Zubaydah: Tortured for Nothing by Andy Worthington ( 2010-04-06): A year ago, summing up the results of Zubaydah’s torture, a former intelligence official stated, bluntly, “We spent millions of dollars chasing false alarms.”

Media: Is This the Future of Journalism?: Why Wikileaks matters by Jonathan Stray (Foreign Policy 2010-04-07) | Dismissed as just a website, Wikileaks shows how journalism is done, new media-style. Also: Wikileaks: reaction to the Collateral Murder video by Richard Adams (Guardian UK 2010-04-08). Update: WikiLeaks has a problem going mainstream: The content WikiLeaks has released has been shocking. So why has it has had so little effect? by Colin Horgan (Guardian UK 2010-06-27).

Media: How journalists become prisoners of their preconceptions: The Bias of Veteran Journalists by Lane Wallace (The Atlantic 2010-04-05).

Musical Interlude:
One, two, kiss your daddy do
Nine, ten, daddy will say when
Daddy loves his baby, daddy loves his baby
Daddy loves his baby and baby's gonna get a big bang outa that
(writer: unknown)

I'm just sayin'.

Media: The Creed of Objectivity and The New York Times by Barnabe F. Geisweiller: Just how objective can the New York Times' correspondent in Israel and Palestine, Ethan Bronner, be when he has a son serving in the Israel Defense Forces - the Israeli army. In an article published March 28, Bronner showed there was cause for concern (truthout 2010-04-06).

Media: Inside The Media Blackout Scandal in The Middle East’s Only Democracy by Max Blumenthal (AlterNet 2010-04-06) | Ours is not the only country where the military is intimidating the elected government.

Bozo Nation: "Right. I get it. I should probably ignore him. Why should I waste time writing about Glenn Beck again? As hard as it is to believe, most days I intentionally ignore Glenn Beck posts and videos on the blogs. My recurring reaction is generally twofold. One: he's exhausting to watch because just as I'm wrapping my head around one line of googly-eyed horseshit, he belts out another ridiculous, melodramatic or dangerous line, and before I know it, I'm faced with a log-jam of crazy, forcing me to scramble for either an oxygen mask or a stiff drink. And, two: why pay attention to the television equivalent of an escaped mental patient screaming gibberish on the median strip at a busy intersection?" -- Bob Cesca Exposing Glenn Beck as a Dangerous Fraud (Huffington Post 2010-04-07)

Profile: Merry Prankster still stirring the pot by Brad Oswald (Winnipeg Free Press 2010-04-05) | Paul Krassner has been an inspiration to me for 45 years. Plus, yesterday was his birthday.

Politics: Progressive Caucus Outlines Their Plan To Give Coal Lobby Everything It Wants
by Jane Hamsher (FireDogLake) The Hill has an article on the Progressive Caucus strategy for dealing with cap & trade. It leaves the reader to infer quite a bit, so FDL's mother hen helpfully translates.

If Duane Allman and Jack Bruce had a baby...

Book review: Behind Obama’s Cool by Gary Wills (New York Times 2010-04-07) | In his reading of The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama, David Remnick's exhaustive pre-presidential biography, the always thoughtful Wills ponders how our shape-shifting prez got that way.

Social Media: How I learned to love Twitter by @MargaretAtwood (Guardian UK 2010-04-07) | I keep telling writers why they should love Twitter. Maybe now they'll believe me.

Oddities: Finally, a reminder from an unexpected source of all the little wonders of the universe that we miss every day:

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