Media: Top 10 Works of Journalism of the Last Decade

The faculty of New York University's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and a group of distinguished outside judges has selected "The Top Ten Works of Journalism of the Decade in the United States." We began with a list of eighty nominees. Our purpose was to call attention to and honor work of exceptional importance and quality - journalism that brilliantly met the challenges of this difficult decade.

Ten years ago New York University, using some of the same judges, selected "The Top 100 Works of Journalism of the Twentieth Century in the United States."

The official press release is  here.

The staff of The New York Times: "A Nation Challenged" 2001
Alex Blumberg and Adam Davidson: This American Life & NPR: "The Giant Pool of Money" 2008
C.J. Chivers (reporter), Dexter Filkins (reporter) and Tyler Hicks (photographer): The New York Times ongoing reporting from the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan. More2003-2009
The Times-Picayune staff, New Orleans, La.: Coverage of Hurricane Katrina, August-December 2005
Anne Hull, Dana Priest (reporters) and Michel du Cille (photographer) - The Washington Post: "Soldiers Face Neglect, Frustration at Army's Top Medical Facility" 2007
Walter Robinson, Michael Rezendes, Sacha Pfeiffer, Matt Carroll, Stephen Kurkjian, Tom Farragher, Michael Paulson, Kevin Cullen, Ben Bradlee Jr., Mark Morrow - The Boston Globe: Abuse in the Catholic Church"  2002

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