Resource: DoD strategic defense policy summaries

The Department of Defense has undertaken four distinct but related major defense reviews, each of which focuses on a dimension of our national security spending: Quadrennial Defense Review, Ballistic Missile Defense Review, Nuclear Posture Review, and Space Posture Review. The legislatively-mandated Quadrennial Defense Review outlines the Pentagon's view of the long-term threats and challenges faced by the nation and sets out the strategies, capabilities, and forces the military believes will address today's conflicts and tomorrow's threats.

More: Interview (mp3) with Robert Hale, Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) and Chief Financial Officer for the DOD about the proposed military budget for fiscal year 2011. He discusses budgetary support for programs and initiatives within the department and make comparisons to budgets from previous fiscal years.
Gates seeks to change 'out of date' vision of military challenges by Mike Mount (CNN 2010-02-01)

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