Democracy: Campaign Finance Reform - Now!

On Thursday, HR 1826, the House Fair Elections Now Act, introduced by Democratic caucus chairman Rep. John B. Larson (D-CT), gained its 134th co-sponsor; more than half of the Democrats in the House now support the bill.

With the cost of elections soaring to all-time highs, PACs proliferating, and the likes of Michael Bloomberg essentially purchasing their offices, even before the Supremes ruling eliminating restrictions on election spending by corporations it appeared that the time for campaign financing reform had finally arrived.

Among other reforms such as limits on donations, the bill replaces the complicated current federal election financing system with genuine campaign finance reform. The measure has the backing of organizations across the political spectrum, from the NAACP and the SEIU to religious leaders, the League of Young Voters, and managers of major corporations from Ben & Jerry’s and Crate & Barrel to Delta Airlines and Hasbro. Similar pressure is being applied to the Senate in support of its version, S 752.

Another take: Public financing key to future campaigns (The Olympian 2010-01-28)

Actions: Tell Congress to pass campaign finance reform now.
Contribute to Fair Elections Now (groups backing the umbrella organization in support of campaign finance reform, the Fair Elections Now Coalition, include Brennan Center for Justice, Change Congress, Common Cause, Democracy Matters, Public Campaign, Public Citizen and U.S. PIRG).
Contact an organizer in your state.

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