The Long War: Obama's war in Afghanistan is unwinnable

Amy Goodman: "In Afghanistan, the number of civilian casualties continues to rise. On Tuesday, at least eight people died after a bomb exploded in the southern provincial capital of Lashkar Gah amid a major US-led offensive in the area. Local authorities said all those killed in the attack were civilians. Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s government has condemned a NATO air strike on a convoy on Sunday that killed twenty-seven civilians, including four women and a child. NATO commander General Stanley McChrystal went on Afghan television to apologize for the attack....Last year was the deadliest of the war for civilians and foreign troops. And while there is no reliable count of the number of Afghans killed, the number of US soldiers killed in the war has reached 1,000."

According to Phyllis Bennis, the only way to put an end to civilian casualties is to end the war. (Democracy Now! 2010-02-23):
Read: Ending the Us War in Afghanistan: A Primer by David Wildman and Phyllis Bennis (2010)

See, also: Kucinich Challenges Sec. Gates on Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan (AfterDowningStreet 2010-02-23)

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