Reform: Kucinich shreds Democrats for betraying the promise of change

Slams health bill 'madness'

"Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) on Wednesday said the Massachusetts election was a 'wake up call' for Democrats and that his party had better change course or it could suffer devastating losses come November.

"'People elected Democrats in 2008 to change the country's direction,' he told Raw Story in a nearly hour-long interview.

"'And the same entrenched interests that George Bush could not shake, this current White House is having great difficulty in shaking. One could suggest they might be more entrenched than ever.'

Kucinich staunchly defended liberalism but alleged that Democrats are not behaving like liberals.

"'There's nothing liberal about the bailouts. There's nothing liberal about standing by and watching banks use public money to get their executive bonuses. There's nothing liberal about giving insurance companies carte blanche to charge anything they want for health care...Since when did that become liberal?'"

The rest of the story: Kucinich shreds Democrats for betraying the promise of change by Sahil Kapur (The Raw Story 2010-01-21)

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