Action: "It is time to get moving."

"So, the question is whether Obama will feel the Roosevelt-tug, or whether he will continue to dive into the middle -- or worse -- in response to voter anger. I would suggest that the answer depends less on Obama and more on us. Will we be in the streets around war, or will we be sending emails reflecting our despair? Will the unemployed be organized through groups like ACORN, National People's Action, and labor unions, or will they simply be a statistic that is referenced in speeches? Will workers move to organize despite every obstacle that corporate America puts before them, or will they cringe awaiting the next pink slip? These are the sorts of questions that progressives need to be asking and, more importantly, acting upon.

"I am tired of the complaints; it is time to get moving." -- Bill Fletcher, Jr.
( 2010-01-21)

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