Clip File: The President's Decision on Afghanistan Is Wrong. Bring Them Home -- Ed Koch

"...I believe we cannot and should not continue the spilling of American blood with the consequent deaths and casualties, and massive expenditure of funds we don't have. On the issue of expense, The Times reported that '[t]he economic cost was troubling [President Obama] as well after he received a private budget memo estimating that an expanded presence would cost $1 trillion over 10 years, roughly the same as his health care plan.'

"We should defend our homeland from all enemies, no matter the cost. However, we will be more effective in our battles against terrorists in both Afghanistan and Pakistan if we attack the terrorists from offshore bases and do not continue to be involved in a land war or, worse still, expand that land war. Next year, there will be the bi-annual Congressional elections - the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate. Two issues will dominate the election - loss of jobs and the ongoing war. The Democrats will be held responsible for both and will lose their majority in both Houses if either or especially both continue." - Ed Koch (Real Clear Politics 2009-12-09)

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