Clip File: More Collateral Damage from the Siegelman Case

This is old news, but like the undead, the policies of the Bush administration have a brutal afterlife.

"...During Bush's tenure, the Justice Department also became politicized to an unprecedented degree.

"One of the most visible among the hundreds of political prosecutions was former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. A Democrat and the only Alabamian to have served in all four of the top state elected positions, he was a choice target of Karl Rove. After several unsuccessful attempts, Gov. Siegelman was convicted of corruption and sentenced to prison. He is presently out as he awaits his appeal. Ninety-one former US Attorneys of both parties have asked President Obama, AG Holder and DOJ to reexamine Siegelman's case....

"Tamarah Grimes was a paralegal working with the prosecution in the case against Don Siegelman. She contacted House Judiciary Committee Chairman Conyers and the DOJ about the prosecutorial misconduct of Alabama US Attorney Leura Canary and her team. For her pains, Grimes was chastised, intimidated, and ultimately fired, her reputation trashed. To add insult to injury, she was denied health insurance and they're trying to rescind her unemployment benefits.

"This is particularly grievous for Grimes because she was the sole breadwinner in her household and her health insurance policy covered her disabled son. Grimes was terminated just eight days after sending a letter to AG Holder, laying out her concerns about the Siegelman case. Her firing will surely have a stifling effect on any other DOJ employees contemplating similar actions. Unemployed and uninsured, she is on the brink of financial ruin. Tamarah may be bloodied but she is also unbowed. She seeks no one's pity."

No doubt Rep. Conyers is looking into Tamarah Grimes predicament and Siegelman's case. How about AG Holder? Has anyone apprised Pres. Obama of what is happening on his watch? How long will this farce be allowed to run?

The rest of the story: More Collateral Damage from the Siegelman Case – Talking with DOJ Whistleblower, Tamarah Grimes by Joan Brunwasser (OpEdNews 2009-10-08).

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