The Bailout: TARP -- threat or menace?

Neil Barofsky, the inspector general of TARP, is nearly as outraged about the mishandling of the bailout as you are.  MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan interviews:
Compare the haste with which our leaders facilitated the theft of $24 trillion of our money with the reluctance of the same exalted personages to spend a fraction of that amount on our health. A hundred or so years ago, our great-grandfathers would have gotten a few neighbors together, driven the wagon to town, burned down the banks, and tarred and feathered the congressman. What're we going to do instead?

See, also: Geithner 'Ultimately Responsible' For AIG Missteps (NPR 2009-10-14)

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Anonymous said...

here is what most of us think about the bailout. It's tongue and cheek but I think you will get the point.

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