2010: Let the people decide

 As they have in last several election cycles, Democratic Party leaders will favor conservative candidates over progressives in next year's primaries

The Times says Carolyn Maloney has decided not to challenge incumbent U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in next year's New York Democratic primary (Gillibrand Rival Won’t Run in Primary by Raymond Hernandez - New York Times 2009-08-07). The veteran liberal House member representing parts of Manhattan and Queens earned her shot at the seat. And you'd think the Empire State's registered Democrats might be entitled to decide for themselves whether they prefer to be represented by a traditional Democrat like Maloney or a DLC-style moderate like Gillibrand. But apparently Pres. Obama has signed on to the long-standing Schumer-Emanuel strategy of supporting conservatives over progressives in House and Senate primaries. In May, Steve Israel, the five-term congressman from Long Island, and Manhattan borough president Scott M. Stinger were forced out of the race by the White House. Since being appointed to fill the seat made vacant when Hillary Clinton ascended to the executive branch, Gillibrand has tacked left, suggesting she's another "moderate" with no fixed positions or beliefs. Will it come as a complete surprise if the voters in the general election choose a genuine Republican over an ersatz Democrat?

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