A particularly egregious example of corporate media's trivialization of our politics

What's the big news this weekend? I dunno, how about Bush sanctioned torture? What does CNN want to talk about? Barack Obama's verbal "slip" that some of the residents of impoverished parts of Pennsylvania, having been abandoned by the political system, are "bitter." Here's what Crooks and Liars has to say about it: CNN Thinks Obama’s Words Are More Important Than Bush’s Torturing. If this is how the media covers Bush at this point in his sorry career, imagine the free ride John McCain is going to get as we head toward November.

See also, Clinton's "Bitter" Exploitation (DavidCorn.com, 2008-04-14)

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libhom said...

The corporate media have slanted the news to fit their owners' interests for years. However, this case is particularly extreme, lacking the subtlety they often use.

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