Sound break

Liberal caller: Why is a tax-raising, amnesty-giving, cutting-and-running, negotiating-with-terrorists guy like Ronald Reagan a hero to the conservative movement?

Rush: I, you, uh, you don't, this, really, that, you, uh, uh, uh...


Reading list: 10 Things Conservatives Don’t Want You To Know About Ronald Reagan by Alex Seitz-Wald (Think Progress 2011-02-05)
Reagan's embrace of apartheid South Africa (Salon 2011-02-05)
Reagan's Real Legacy by Peter Dreier (The Nation 2010-02-04)
Ronald Reagan at 100: The Darker Legacy by David Corn (Politics Daily 2011-01-29)
Revisiting the Reagan Nightmare by Terrance Heath (Campaign for America's Future 2010-02-04)
Salon has a terrific series, The Real Reagan. Today's episode, When Reagan was (much) less popular than Carter by Steve Konacki (Salon 2010-02-06)
George Carlin: Reagan's Gang (YouTube)
Reagan Sucked: An Illustrated Account (WarIsACrime.Org)

Final word: "Everyone was scrambling over the weekend to say how much they were just like Ronald Reagan -- everyone but Ron Reagan." -- James Tripp.

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