Victories: How a Tiny California Town Sent an International Water Giant Packing

In the fight for water independence, little Felton has become a symbol of what can be achieved

In 2008, weeks after communities all over the United States celebrated the Fourth of July, the tiny town of Felton, Calif., marked its own holiday: Water Independence Day. With barbecue, music, and dancing, residents marked the end of Felton's six-year battle to gain control of its water system. The fight, like the festivities, was a grassroots effort. For when a large, private corporation bought Felton's water utility and immediately raised rates, residents organized, leading what was ultimately a successful campaign for public ownership and inspiring other communities nationwide. -- How Felton, Calif., Achieved Water Independence: Why controlling your water supply is so important by Tara Lohan (YES! Magazine 2010-06-27).

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