The Military: DoD’s new idea portal

The War Department has a new website, Defense Solutions, designed to encourage companies and inventors not already supplying the armed forces to come in with new ideas.
"Propose an Idea -- Funding decisions fast

"The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is looking for a few really good ideas –- that have the potential to advance our military’s missions. This program focuses on the development of leading edge, research-oriented technology culminating in the assembly of a pre-acquisition prototype or multiple prototypes suitable for field testing.

" is a portal through which innovative companies, entrepreneurs, and research organizations can offer potential solutions to the DoD needs. Although anyone can submit an idea, this portal, and the team behind it, primarily are designed to encourage companies to participate that have never considered doing business with the DoD.

Use this portal to submit your ideas and get an initial response in less than 30 days. For the time being, we can accept ideas in only one theme area, but new themes will be added. To begin the submission process for a current theme, click on the theme below, or join our e-mail list and we will notify you when other topics are added.

Our process depends on direct communication with you when you submit an attractive idea in an area needing a solution.
Unfortunately, the DoD appears currently to be unable to hold more than one idea at a time in its collective head, so for the nonce new ideas are being accepted only in Battlefield Forensics, that is, in the application of criminal forensic capabilities and technologies typically used in law enforcement to meet needs in national security and counter-terrorism. "Military operations in the Global War on Terrorism," it says, "demand new capabilities from forensic science, ones that can be used on the battlefield, in exigent circumstances, by non-professionals."

Coming soon to CBS: "AfPak CSI"

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