Health Care: Fake reform is worse than no reform

It's time to draw a line in the sand on health care insurance reform. A bill that forces everyone to buy health insurance but doesn't include a mechanism to control prices can't fairly be called reform at all -- it's nothing more than a windfall for the parasitic insurance industry, and neither universality nor portability will make it palatable. The Democrats in the House who support HR676 should stick to their guns: Medicare for All.

Here's a bit of nostalgia from the 2008 campaign:
We don't have the luxury to be nostalgic, however. If the Democrats fail to pass Medicare for All -- or if, as seems likely, they pass legislation that requires people to buy health insurance they can't afford, voters will not be wrong to turn them out in 2010 and 2012. Contact your senators and representative. Tell them you demand affordable, universal health care. Say it like you mean it. It's now or never.

Further reading: The "public option" is not dead by Scott Galindez (truthout 2009-09-30)

HR 676 (Conyers) The United States National Health Insurance Act
S. 703 (Sanders) Bill to provide for health care for every American

Take action: Contact your congressional representatives

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