Announcement: A Southern Region Solidarity School Sept. 18-21 (press release)

Solidarity Education Center & The Center for Labor Renewal announce:

A program for all workers and activists who want to win struggles in communities...on the political front...and in the global economy.

Education for Struggle: All of America's workers are under relentless attack. No region of the country has been more oppressed than the U. S. South. Today's labor movement is on the defensive and its historic failure to build power and worker solidarity in the South has continuing consequences today. We need new workplace and community strategies to build a sustaining movement for social and economic justice throughout our region.

In the past unconventional worker schools and training models have played an important role South, providing "education for struggle" for past generations of activists. A new generation of activists needs to be prepared to lead a great struggle and build solidarity today's South and beyond.

The Solidarity Education Center's regional weekend schools are designed to bring members and leaders of worker and community organizations together to explore strategies to do just that.

Topics to be covered: History of Working Class Struggle in the South Challenges to Organizing the South - Jim Crow past, etc.; Immigration & New Working Class Realities; Building Solidarity out of Diversity War & Imperialism: The Price for Workers and Communities; Healthcare for All: A Fight We Can Win!; Politics for People: Building at the Base for Real Power; Strengthening Our Fightback in Workplaces & Communities; International Labor & Global Capital: An Injury to All.

Discussion leaders include regional labor educators, strategists, and social activists.

Thursday-Sunday September 18-21, 2008, The Penn Center, St. Helena Island, SC 29920; 843-838-2432. Housing & meals included in $210 registration fee. For transportation & travel info, call 734-242-7936 or go to or

For more information, e-mail or call 314-968-5534.

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