2008: Electing a progressive Congress

John Edwards may have suspended his campaign, but he has not given up the fight.

In a letter to supporters on behalf of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Edwards promises that contributions to a fund targeted on the districts of the 29 Republican representatives -- a "stunning number," as the former senator puts it -- who have decided to abandon the sinking ship of conservatism by retiring from Congress this year. "I believe," Edwards writes,
the 2008 elections can truly transform American politics -- but only if we have the courage to act. We have to think big again, taking on fundamental issues like poverty and challenging injustice at every turn. And we have to seize every opportunity to move beyond politics as usual.
2008 is providing a unique opportunity to remake the federal legislature. About the conservative Republicans scurrying for the exits, Edwards writes
They've stood in our way and now they're standing down. And we've got an incredible chance to replace them with strong Democratic leaders who will help end the war, achieve universal health care, challenge poverty, and reduce global warming.

Donate $30 or more to the 2008 Open to Change Campaign and your gift will be matched.
The DCCC is targeting Republicans, of course, but more importantly this election could change the ideological balance in Congress. No less than the Republicans, many Democrats have been corrupted by the business lobby. In the thrall of K Street, they vote for measures like estate tax repeal, changes in the bankruptcy laws, or special tax breaks for the superrich that harm the people they're pretending to represent. But primary victories, like reformer Donna Edwards' clobbering of trogloDem Al Wynn in Maryland, show that there is a price to be paid by congressmembers who put corporate interests ahead of the needs of the country or of their constituents.
You and I know that we've got to put the White House in Democratic hands this year, [Edwards continues]. But, we've also got to strengthen our hold on Congress -- breaking the ability that special interests still have to throw obstacles in the path of progress. Your activism has helped put Democrats in a strong position. And in order to seize this historic opportunity, I'm asking you to step forward and stand together with our strong Democratic candidates so we can celebrate Democratic victories.

That's what the 2008 Open to Change Campaign is all about. The skilled, savvy and committed political organizers at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee have developed a detailed plan. With our help, they can turn open seats into big changes.

Donate $30 or more to the 2008 Open to Change Campaign and your gift will be matched.

I've seen it firsthand. I know how eager the American people are to take our government back and lead our country in a new direction. As a DCCC supporter, [you'll be] in the forefront of this movement for change. [Y]ou can help recruit, train, support and sustain strong Democratic candidates -- people who can win the seats that running for the hills Republicans have left open to change.

These kinds of open seat opportunities don't happen every day. Let's make the most of it.

Sincerely, John Edwards

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